Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

What Would Your Favorite Male Idol Look Like With Girly Make-Up? Part 2!

thescaryIt’s been a while since we visited one of the best blogs about K-Pop ever — F*** yeah Kpop Makeup Babes.  Remember part 1? Everyone was traumatized by the sight of Taecyeon with old lady lipstick and how scarily natural Jaejoong looked with bright pink lip gloss.
Since then, the girls behind the blog have gone bananas on everyone from SHINee, Super Junior, BEAST, U-Kiss, JYJ and even poor poor T.O.P and G-Dragon.
Need to shake the image of way too much blue eyeshadow and mascara away? Try MTV K’s top 10 stars who look better without makeup list.
All the photos are from F***yeah Kpop Makeup Babes!

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